Statistical research

The SRI FRCEC conducts research related to the analysis of statistics on the development of science and innovations in the following main areas:

  • monitoring and factor analysis of performance of Federal Target Programs in R&D for civil purposes, preparation of analytical materials for quarterly reports to the Government of the Russian Federation and elaboration of proposals on improvement of monitoring system of Federal Target Programs;
  • forecasting of development of scientific-technological and innovation spheres in the context of a common and current internal costs, the number of research organizations, the number of personnel engaged in research and development, salaries of researchers, the number of innovation-active enterprises, the volume of innovative products, etc.;
  • analysis and evaluation of factors influencing the achievement of the planned indicators of the State Program "Development of science and technology" and "Development of education";
  • monitoring and analysis of implementation of the State Program "Development of education" (preparing information and analytical materials on the implementation of the State program "Development of education" - quarterly and annual reports, Report to the Government of the Russian Federation, materials of the report on the activities of the Ministry of education and science);
  • assessment of the effectiveness of the State Program "Development of education" and an analysis of the factors influencing the progress of its implementation;
  • development of proposals to adjust the current edition of the State Program "Development of education", including on the basis of analysis of normative documents regulating the development of state programs of the Russian Federation, as well as documents that affect its implementation;
  • analysis of the structure of education financing from the Federal budget of the Russian Federation, preparation of analytical materials for the formation of the budget for the next year;
  • informational and statistical support of research in science and technology, education and innovation, including data collection and processing and publication in electronic form, collections of statistics, "Science in Russia" for some years, as well as information and analytical materials on the status and trends of development of science in Russia, in particular: "the Development of scientific organizations in the public sector", "Key indicators of development of scientific organizations within the system of state academies of Sciences" "the Impact of research and development", "The training of scientific personnel of higher qualification in Russia", "Organizations and staff implementing research and development", etc.;
  • improving the methodology of statistical and information support of the Executive and legislative authorities of the Russian Federation scientific and technological, educational and innovative spheres;
  • analysis of activity of economic entities and economic partnerships established by budgetary and Autonomous research institutions and educational organizations;
  • analysis of financial, economic, institutional, infrastructure and legal framework for the development of scientific and innovative potential of regions of the Russian Federation.