Implementation of measures to ensure national security

An important activity of the SRI FRCEC is implementation of measures of the Ministry of education and science aimed at ensuring national security. In order to ensure information support of this direction, the monitoring of scientific research activities of the state institutions of higher education on topics that promote national security and support development in the field of dual-use technologies and results of R&D used for the national security of the Russian Federation is under way.

Thus the following main tasks are solved:

  • organizational and methodological support of scientific and technological expert examination and other investigations at the request of the Russian FSB and the Russian Ministry of Interior and other ministries and departments in the interests of national security of the state;
  • exchange of information on R&D performance between the leading scientific and educational institutions Ministry of education and science and research organizations of the defense Ministry of Russia with the aim of improving the efficiency of R&D for military purposes and civil use in the development of potential commercialization of the results;
  • organization and monitoring of research activities of state institutions of higher education on topics aimed at ensuring national security;
  • formation for a systematic problem-oriented areas of information data file associated with the military and dual-use technologies for the operation of the Roster of Experts of the Federal scientific and technological sphere;
  • interaction with the scientists of the Federal Roster of Experts of scientific and technological sphere experts by request of expert opinions, analytical reports and explanatory notes on problem-oriented areas in science and technology related to military and dual-use technologies;
  • identification of promising directions of development of dual-use technologies in the interests of justification military-technological policy of the Russian Federation for a further term, with the assistance of the expert community;
  • formation and maintenance of a database of key technologies and innovative products that can be used to develop dual-use technologies;
  • development and presentation of expert-analytical, scientific-methodical and information materials to ensure forecasting and planning for the future problem-oriented research and development for development of technologies for military and dual-use, innovative products and improvement of scientific-technological policy in the field of defense studies.

To perform all these works the Center for special programs and projects (CSPP) is formed in the structure of SRI FRCEC. The Institute has a license of FSB of Russia on the implementation of works related to the use of information constituting a state secret.