Collection of scientific papers «Innovation and expert examination», published by the SRI FRCEC since 2007, is aimed at solving problems of generalization of results of research works done by researchers, analysts and experts, as well as problems of exchange of scientific and technological information, identifying the priority directions of development of domestic and world science and technology, setting and finding solutions to critical issues related to scientific and innovation activity, expert examination, consulting, assessment and protection of intellectual property, accounting, and promotion of scientific achievements of Russia.

The collection is a printed periodical published twice a year, and since July 2013, registered as mass media – electronic publications on the Internet (Certificate El No. FS77-54818 of 26 July 2013 )

The collection «innovation and expert examination» is included in the national bibliographic database of scientific citation.

The collection is also included in the catalogue of periodicals Ulrich Web Periodicals Directory.

The materials of the collection can be useful for managers of research organizations, including specializing in the development of innovative products for professionals in the field of management of research and innovation activities, as well as for University teachers, postgraduates and students.



SRI FRCEC conducts preparation and publication of "Statistics of science and education", including information and statistics on the development of science, education and innovative activities designed for the practice of operational management and training solutions for science and technology policy issues.

The compendium is a web-publishing, Oct 2013 registered as mass media - electronic publications on the Internet (Certificate El No. FS77-55841 of 30 October 2013 )

The data presented in the publication «Statistics of education and science» may be useful in the preparation of analytical materials for State Bodies of the Russian Federation, employees of research organizations, University professors and graduate students involved in public administration in the field of science and technology, and other specialists as well.