Expert examination is a wonderful way to understand the novelty, patent purity and patentability, technological, and economic prospects of any proposal.

The Expert Examination performed in the SRI FRCEC:

  • objectively assesses scientific and technological product or the program;
  • organizes and holds a competition of projects on a given topic
  • provides independent opinion with a considerable weight on the project developed;
  • will identify and on a confidential basis will correct the shortcomings of the submitted project proposals.

SRI FRCEC conducts independent public expert examinationof scientific and scientific-technological programs and projects, R&D, reports and investment projects of any level (international, Federal, departmental and regional) and origin (from individuals to organizations of any form of ownership, Russian, foreign and international).

The need for expert examination arises in the preparation of new technological proposals in all fields of science and technology, competitions of projects and programs, finding investors and investment vehicles, the preparation of documents for obtaining grants, assessment of risk investment and analysis of insurance claims.

Materials for expert examination shall be submitted in the prescribed form. It is sufficient to submit the documents for the project or program, outlining its content and in a month time the Conclusion of the State Expert Examination will be prepared.

According to the results of the work the Conclusion of the State Expert Examination is transmitted to the applicant, being a document having official status. The right to conduct the State Expert Examination is granted only to the SRI FRCEC.

The Conclusion contains an assessment of the scientific and technological significance and originality of the proposal, its feasibility, competitiveness of proposed products in the world market, the adequacy of the estimated cost, economic efficiency of investments. On the basis of available databases, a search of analogues, excluding duplication of subject topics is carried out.

Expert Examination at the SRI FRCEC is conducted confidentially by highly qualified experts, taking into account the private opinions of experts competent in the relevant fields of science and technology, scientific and patent literature, the state of the market.

Expert Examination of the SRI FRCEC is always independent. The mechanism of forming an opinion completely eliminates any sort of even indirect influence. The results of the expert examination are the property of the customer and shall not be disseminated without his special permission..

The credibility of the SRI FRCEC expert examination has been gained due to the long and quite diverse work. The quality, ponderability, objectivity of expert examination is well illustrated by the fact that its Conclusions are accepted and admitted by:

  • The Administration Of The President Of Russia
  • The state Duma, the Federation Council
  • The Russian Government
  • The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation
  • Foundation for technological development
  • International scientific-technological Center
  • The Government Of Moscow
  • The administrations of other Regions of Russia.

Contact phone: +7(499)795-1990
Yuri L. Rybakov

Director of the State Centre for Expert Examination in the Field of Science and Innovation
Yuri L. Rybakov