Development and support of information resources

The fundamental principle is the ubiquitous use of unified information technologies for solving problems within the framework of the main activities of the Institute and ensuring the implementation of a number of functions of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

This approach allows us to unite and combine information resources, regulate information flows, conduct research and expert work on the basis of analytical processing of large information arrays.

The most important information resources created at the Institute are specialized systems, based on the following technological principles:

  • remote collection of information from participants processes via interactive forms;
  • providing consulting to users in the process of working with the system;
  • forming of all necessary documents by means of the system;
  • consistency (full compliance) of the information in the database and printed documents;
  • simultaneous operation of two system contours, connected by data (external user loop and internal system administrator circuit);
  • displaying of all stages of the system operation on the user's personal page;
  • possibility of systemic check of data submitted by users, and displaying of comments on the personal page;
  • no need to install special software by system users;
  • implementation of technologies for remote content management.

The Institute’s information resources are integrated into a single software and hardware complex based on the use of common databases and classification systems.


In the framework of the Institute’s analytical and expert activities, a system of the federal register of experts has been developed, the purpose of which is to form an expert community in the scientific and technical field, prepare proposals for the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation regarding the development of priority areas of science and technology. The system was implemented as part of the site "Information and analytical support for decision-making in the field of R&D management" (

Organizational, technical and informational support of the activities of the Council of Grants of the President of the Russian Federation for state support of young Russian scientists and for state support of leading scientific schools of the Russian Federation in the framework of competitive events is implemented using the GRANT information system (

Information system "Support for evaluating the effectiveness of scientific activities of organizations subordinate to the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia", created in the interests of a comprehensive, including expert analysis of information on the results of activities of scientific organizations, and reflecting activities for at least 3 years preceding the evaluation of the effectiveness of the activities of a scientific organization (

Information and analytical support of the functions and powers of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia in terms of work with small innovative enterprises (business companies and business partnerships), the activity of which is the practical application (implementation) of the results of intellectual activity (

Informational support of a collection of scientific papers of a theoretical and practical value published by the Scientific Research Institute – Federal Research Centre for Projects Evaluation and Consulting Services (

The portal "National Center for Monitoring Innovation Infrastructure and Regional Innovation Systems", designed to provide an integrated approach to monitoring the national innovation system (

There are a number of other information resources: