International and regional cooperation

One of the activities of SRI FRCEC is the development of international and regional technological and scientific cooperation with scientific, educational, industrial and other foreign and Russian regional structures and organizations. Within the framework of the above activities, the SRI FRCEC:

  • provides organizational-methodological and information-analytical support, preparation and conduct of the activities of scientific and innovative orientation in Russia and abroad;
  • conducts research, identifying global priorities for the development of science and technology;
  • ensures the participation of the Institute in Federal and International projects and programs of technological and scientific cooperation;
  • conducts research in the field of scientific and technological, innovative and industrial-technological cooperation with Russian regions and foreign countries;
  • works to expand contacts with Russian and foreign organizations and scientists and scientists-compatriots working abroad;
  • creates a database of international experts in the field of advanced technologies for the development of science and technology;
  • organizes the collection of Russian and foreign scientific and technological information and translates it into Russian/English;
  • ensures the organization and conduct of monitoring of innovative activity of subjects of the Russian Federation;
  • conducts analysis of measures of the state regional policy in the spheres of scientific, educational and innovation activities.